Friday, September 30, 2011

Jews from poet Joey Foo

A Lily Lilies is the product of an 8-year collaboration between poet Josey Foo and Leah Stein, and is a cross-genre book of poetry, photography, and notes for choreography. It maps space through language, language through movement, and both space and movement through pictures in sections that move from immense spaces of the American Southwest to a dance stage in Philadelphia to the space of the self.

"A swallow swallows, a lily lilies . . . living beings, in a manner, keep living"

Mapping across space/time, cultures and sensibilities A Lily Lilies expresses the interweaving of the poetry of dance and the dance of poetry. Beautiful work!—Pauline Oliveros
What Josey Foo and Leah Stein have created here is a dramaturg's delight — poetry and movement on the page, with hints for the stage, and sound poems that may live only in the reader's mind. Foo's poems and Stein's responses become layered experiences in the synergy between the two artists. In their introduction they state that "Words and music contain pace and rhythm for movement in both illusionary and physical space." Let us now witness the grace of poetic imagery and the elegance of dance in words. Poetic images and stage images and stage directions and more morph and mingle into a sweet work of art.—Martha Wade Steketee
Saturday & Sunday, September 24-25th, 12-7pm
Blanco, NM
Josey Foo & Liz Stannard at a booth at the Harvest Festival -- 2 serendipitous days of celebration.
Wines of the San Juan
233 Highway 511
Blanco, NM 87412
(505) 632-0879
Tuesday, October 4th, 6pm
Philadelphia, PA
Leah Stein, Josey Foo, Emma Crandall and Lonely Christopher. Readings followed by roundtable discussion on influence, emergence and culture.
Kelly Writers House
University of Pennsylvania
3805 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Wednesday, October 5th, 7pm
New York, NY
Josey Foo, Leah Stein & others in readings, performance and dialogs on poetry and movement.
Asian American Writers Workshop
110-112 West 27th Street, Ste 600
New York, NY 10011
(212) 494-0061 or
Friday, October 7th, 5-7pm
Mt Airy, Philadelphia, PA
Josey Foo & Leah Stein
Big Blue Marble Bookstore
551 Carpenter Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119
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