Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maria's Book Shop New Technology Lecture


Libby Cowles, Community Relations Manager
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DURANGO (March 11, 2009)— Author, teacher and consultant Carolyn Handler Miller will discuss her pioneering work in the field of new media at a book signing and presentation on Monday, April 13th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Maria’s Bookshop, 960 Main Avenue in Durango.

Blogs, virtual reality, video games, instant messaging, websites—rapid shifts in technology are transforming how we read and write. Just like the frontier of the Old West, the exciting new world of interactive digital media is offering unprecedented opportunities to the adventurous among us. Writers, business people, educators, filmmakers and scientists—people working in a diverse array of fields and for all types of organizations—are finding inventive ways to harness digital media. This new arena gives us the ability to tell new kinds of stories, promote projects and products, and make complex information understandable. Miller’s book Digital Storytelling: A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment offers tremendous insight into this exploding arena. Whether you are a working professional, a student, or just a curious reader, this book stimulates creative ideas and provides a wealth of insight into the world of digital media. It covers effective techniques for creating compelling narratives for a wide variety of digital media including the Internet, video games, interactive television, virtual reality and interactive cinema.

As Miller writes in Digital Storytelling, “one of the things that distinguishes digital storytelling from classical storytelling is that members of the audience can become active players in the narrative and can even have a direct impact on it.” As the formats we use for creating and sharing information and stories change, so to must the ways writers write and readers read.

Carolyn Handler Miller is one of the pioneering writers in the field of interactive
media, where she has contributed to over four-dozen projects as a writer, story designer and consultant. As an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, she brings a unique perspective to the craft of digital storytelling. Her digital storytelling work includes not only video games, but projects for the Web, interactive TV, smart toys and transmedia entertainment, as well as innovative educational, informational and promotional endeavors. For more information about Miller’s work, visit

For more information about the event, call (970) 247-1438 or visit

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