Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book Signings at Broders Cottonwood, Albuquerque New Mexico

Book Signing at Borders Cottonwood, 10420 Coors Bypass, NW, Albuquerque
Mar 15, 2-4pm
Kersten Hamilton (Red Truck-Children's Picturebook) & Marcy Heller (Loco Dog and the Dust Bowl-Young Reader)
Red Truck
By Kersten Hamilton
The award winning RED TRUCK is the ‘youngest’ picture book Kersten Hamilton has written. It is tailor-made for little boys who love trucks and adventure. With such a short text—just 106 words—every little thing had to be perfect. Not just words, but even the sound of individual letters and letter combinations. Hamilton says the whole book was ‘sparked’ by the sound of the title words: RED TRUCK. She loved the repetition of the R’s; the almost hard D and the hard CK sounds. She liked the way it felt to say them, the way they settled in her ears. She added a vroom! and a sploosh! or two, and the fun sounds grew into a book!

Loco Dog and the Dust Devil in the Railyard
by Marcy Heller and illustrated by Nancy Poes
Once upon a time, in a small, dusty Southwestern town, in the middle of the busy railyard, there lived a large, black dog. His name was Loco, short for Locomotive.
The railyard was always gritty, and sometimes dust devils swirled through. One wild and windy spring evening, a huge, powerful dust devil forever changed the lives of everyone who loved the railyard and its big, black dog.

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