Monday, June 20, 2011

New Mexico Book CoOp News

June Co-op Meeting
The June New Mexico Book Co-op Lunch will feature Francoise Paheau, the new owner of Garcia Street Books in Santa Fe. She will talk about the store, authors’ events, getting books in the store, and events scheduled for the store. The meeting is on Friday, June 24, 2011.
The lunch will have an update on the New Mexico Book Awards and other book events in New Mexico including the New Mexico Women Authors Fair.
The lunch starts at 11am with networking and lunch and the meeting begins at noon. Attendees pay for their own lunches. The lunch is held at Golden Corral Westside at Coors & Alameda in Albuquerque.
Last Call NM Book Awards
The last time to enter the New Mexico Book Awards is BY July 1, 2011. Read all about it on the book co-op website. By the way we have reached and passed our goal record! We have surpassed the second year of the New Mexico Book Awards number. This is significant because the second year was the first time we began the published year criteria. The first year of the awards was open.
Letter to the Editor
Congrats to Maria Varela on her Letter to the Editor (June 6) to the Albuquerque Journal about New Mexico books on the Journal’s summer reading list for kids. There are great New Mexico books for kids – there was one New Mexico title on the list. Why they weren’t included we have no idea. ALL OF YOU, when the opportunity presents itself promote New Mexico books! After all, isn’t there a New Mexico Centennial NEXT YEAR celebrating Statehood and everything good about New Mexico?
The Caliente Award From Reading New Mexico
Reading New Mexico has come out with the fourth Caliente Award and it is The World Comes To Albuquerque – the Official 40th Anniversary Book from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta published with them by Rio Grande Books. The thing about the Caliente Award is that it is unplanned – you can’t lobby for it. It just happens. The editors decide. Reading New Mexico is the ONLY online review service for New Mexico books and you know what they say – if you don’t play you can’t win – the Caliente Award. Make sure Sabra gets your newest book to review and you never know – you too could be honored. And people read the reviews all over the world. Good advertisement!
Voices at Southwest Writers
Voices of New Mexico was featured at two Southwest Writers meetings. Hats off to Melody Groves who made it happen.
Voices in Abiquiu
Voices of New Mexico will happen at the Abiquiu Inn on Saturday, July 16, 1-3 pm. It is a nice ride to go up to Abiquiu and they might not have as much smoke! Hats off to Linda Dunning for arranging the event.
Voices in Santa Fe
More Voices of New Mexico – the women contributors will be featured on Sunday, October 9, 2-3:30pm at the New Mexico History Museum Auditorium for the New Mexico Women Authors’ Fair. Hats off to Loretta Hall and John Stafford for making it happen.
Publishers Panel Santa Fe
Speaking of the Women Authors’ Fair, a publishers panel will speak on the trends, the contributions of women, new books, and a lot of other topics of interest on Sunday, October 9, 12:30 -1:30pm in the New Mexico History Museum Auditorium. Confirmed as of this communication: John Byram – UNM Press, Lynn Baca – SAR Press, Barbe Awalt – LPD Press/Rio Grande Books, Museum of New Mexico Press (either Renee Tambeau or Anna Gallegos). This is your chance to see the players and ask the hard questions. Where does the book go from here? AND you don’t have to be female to attend!!!!!
List of Women Authors Participating Anne Hillerman - Gardens of Santa Fe Anne Valley-Fox - Reading and Questions Annette Spelman - Reading from The Fountain that Uncle John Built Barbara Berkenfield - Reading and Memoires, Reflections and Earth Connections Barbara Rockman - Reading and Women Write Into and Beyond Motherhood Bethany Mackin Baxter - Reading and Presentation on "wo Sons: A Novel Based on Misperceptions Carolyn A. Neeper - Changes in the World of Publishing - 1975 to 2011 Catherine A. Allen - Rebooting Your Life Catherine Wanek -The Hybrid House: Top Ten Energy-Saving Building Strategies Cherie Burns - Searching for Millicent Rogers Colleen Carias/Katherine Sluja/Laurie Hilton - Reading from Braided Voices Dana Levin - Reading and Presentation Demetria Martinez and Rosalee Montoya-Read - Reading from Grandpa`s Magic Tortilla Diane Smith - Reading from Big Bunny Adventures Diane Thomas - Fictionalizing Elvis Dodici Azpadu - Creating Fictional Mothers Dolores Valdez de Pong - Original Children's Songs and Plays about the History, Culture and Geography of New Mexico Elizabeth Robechek - The Heart Centered Garden Elizabth Raby - A reading - Poems in the Wheel of the Year Giovanna Paponetti - Who is Kateri Tekakwitha? Hadley Finch - Journey from Lost Love to the Fire of Love with Support from a Tribe of Blondes Jaima Chevalier - She Came From Beyond: Exploring Our Lady of Peace in New Mexico Iconography Janet K. Brennan - Reading from her novels Jeanne Simonoff - Reading from Memoir: Saving Myself Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw - The Birth of a Picture Book Jo-Ann Mapson - Reading from Work in Progress Joanne Bodin - From Inception to Completion: A Writer's Journey Judith McLaughlin - Women of New Mexico's Frontier Women of Tradition: Heritage of Faith Judith Van Gieson - How Books Live On Karen Taschek - Reading from current novel: The Risen Horse Laurie Franz, Lesley King, Marti Niman - Scenic Journey: Establishing a Byway, Creating A Book Lisa Bear Goldman - Reading from The Proud Little Burro Loretta Hall - The Mercury Program's Women Astronauts (Not) Lori Romero - Reading and The Shadow Life Lynne Hinton - Reading, Pie Town Maggi A. Petton - How I Tried NOT to Write This Novel Marcia Keegan - Photographing Four Generations of Pueblo People Marie Romero Cash - Reading from Current Work Marilyn J. Mason - An Ethos of Commitment in a Constantly Changing World Marrilyn Stablien: The Joy of Memoir: Living and Recording the Creative Life Meg Tuite - Reading from Domestic Apparition Pat Shapiro - The Journey Home to Your True Self Publishers Forum Renee Gregorio, Joan Logghe, Miriam Sagan - Reading from Love & Death - Greatest Hits Roberta Price - The Legacy of the Rural Counterculture in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado Sallie Bingham - Writing for the Majority: Fiction That Matters Sandi Wright - Reading from The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam Sandra K Toro - Jews in the Sixteenth Century: From Expulsion to Shylock Sarah H Baker - The New Face of Audio Books in New Mexico Sharon Niederman - New Mexico's Tasty Traditions: Revelations on the Road Shelby Tisdale - Joyce Begay-Foss - Spider Woman's Gift Susan Gardner - Reading from new memoir Drawing the Line Susan McDuffie - Timeless Motive, Historic Settings: The Joys and Pitfalls of Writing Historical Mysteries Suzy McKee Carnas - Reading from The Kingdom of Kevin Malone Valentine McKay-Riddell, Ph.D. - Real Magic: The River Goddess and other stories Valerie Martinez - Poetry Reading Valerie Nye & Kathy Barco - True Stories of Censorships Battles in American Libraries Valerie Stocking -Writing a Mystery Valerie Storey - Book Trailers: How and Why You Need One Veronica Golos - Witness Poetry: The Art of Protest and Remembering Victoria Rogers - A Contemporary Look at Old Architecture Voices of New Mexico Authors - 20 Writers Celebrating New Mexico Zelda Leah Gatuskin - Reading from Newest Work and discussing The Long Languishing Novel
More info on the Women Authors Festival will be posted on the NM Creates website at in the near future.

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