Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shoes for Santo Niño Reviewed in NM Magazine

The Shoes for the Santo Niño, written by Peggy Pond Church with illustrations by Charles M. Carrillo, was reviewed in New Mexico Magazine.
New Mexico Magazine says:
"In the Roman Catholic tradition, and particularly among Hispanic and Native American Catholics in northern New Mexico, Santo Niño (the Christ child) is thought to heal children. Figurines of the saint are believed to leave church altars at night to visit ailing children—the devout leave children’s shoes at his shrines to ensure that he can continue his travels. In this story, Julianita, the youngest of 11 siblings, diligently crafts a pair of shoes for Santo Niño. Unlike he family, Julianita believes that the saint departs the church not to help children, but to gambol about the countryside—just as she dearly wishes she could do herself. Once Julianita delivers the shoes, Santa Niño springs to life, and together the two explore the llano (plains), in this magical tale rich in cultural significance. Tales such as this have been shared among New Mexican families for centuries, and this one is well worth picking up so that your own family can continue the tradition. Originally written in the 1930s by famed New Mexico author Peggy Pond Church, probably best known for The House at Otowi Bridge: The Story of Edith Warner and Los Alamos (University of New Mexico Press, 1959), Shoes for the Santo Niño was lost for almost seven decades. Here it is brought back to life with watercolor illustrations by Santa Fe santero Charles M. Carrillo. Recommended for children five to seven." -- May 2010
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