Monday, March 29, 2010

LPD Press Book Signings

Sunshine & Shadows In New Mexico’s Past: The Spanish Colonial & Mexican Periods, 1540-1848 will debut at the Historical Society of New Mexico Convention in Hobbs, New Mexico, April 29 to May 1, 2010, at the Lea County Event Center. Richard Melzer is the editor and many of the ten authors will be available at the convention. This is the first book in three from the Historical Society of New Mexico to mark the Centennial of New Mexico.
New Mexico’s Finest: Peace Officers Killed in the Line of Duty, 1847 – 2010 by Don Bullis will also be signed at the HSNM Convention. Bullis is a HSNM Board member and winner of the New Mexico Book Awards in 2007 and 2008. This is the fourth edition of the book and is more expansive in the 190 officers covered.
Rick Hendricks, newly appointed New Mexico State Historian, will also be signing his book, New Mexico in 1801: The Priest’s Report. Hendricks is also one of the authors of Sunshine & Shadows. New Mexico in 1801 was a Finalist in the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards.
Other book signing will include Lois Manno for Visions Underground, Robert Torrez for New Mexico in 1876 -1877: A Newspaperman’s View, Martha Shipman Andrews for the Whole Damned World, and Dr. Tom Chávez for Wake for a Fat Vicar. Torrez is former State Historian and an author in Sunshine & Shadows. Manno tied for the Best Book in the 2009 New Mexico Book Awards and also won the Border Regional Library Association Award and New Mexico Press Women Award in 2010. Andrews won the Best New Mexico Book for the 2009 New Mexico Book Awards. Chávez is former Director of the Palace of the Governors.
LPD Press/Rio Grande Books is from Los Ranchos, New Mexico (just north of Albuquerque) and specializes in books about New Mexico art and culture. Other new books premiering in Hobbs will be Startin’ The Fire by George Hensler, and Fray Angelico Chávez by Phyllis Morgan, Los Chilitos by Viola Peña. The entire catalog of books is available at

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