Friday, November 6, 2009

Lisa Lenard-Cook
Minding Your Story
Manuscript Critic Critique Service________________________________________
Have you gone about as far as you can go revising your novel or memoir? Is your manuscript ready for a second opinion?

I’m now accepting a limited number of manuscripts for critique. I provide an in-depth analysis of what’s working in your manuscript and why, what’s missing, what’s extraneous, and what can be moved and/or expanded upon for greater emotional impact.


“Lisa Lenard-Cook possesses—and applies to her teaching—a wonderful balance of intuition, logic, and the ability to explain things clearly. But her greatest asset is her ability to cut to the heart of a piece of writing quickly, kindly, and effectively. Lisa rocks!”
Konnie W. Andrews, Chama NM

“Lisa Lenard-Cook is a skilled writer and teacher who manages the tricky balance of encouraging writers while providing honest feedback. She helped me to not just finish my first novel, but to make it better than I had dared hope.”
Heather Null, Austin TX (

“Lisa illuminates the darkness. She helped me address the issues I had with memoir vs. fiction without taking sides, instead dealing with structure and helping me see that ‘the particular reveals the universal.’ Her positive, personal interest in my writing made it much smoother and richer. I can’t thank her enough.”
Marcia J. Sargent, Laguna Beach CA (

“I knew within a half hour of taking Lisa Lenard-Cook’s writing workshop that I could trust her to edit my first novel, and my instincts were more than right. I now have a stronger novel with more believable characters. I appreciate Lisa’s writing and editing skills, as well as her empathy and sense of humor.”
T. Shawn, California

Most critiques cost less than $500. Please email for more info and pricing.

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