Thursday, May 7, 2009

Write On Four Corners Author Don Bullis

Don Bullis is soon to be on Write On Four Corners at KSJE FM in Farmington New Mexico. His speciality is biographical and political dictionaries of New Mexico. He also has a western triva book out that might be lots of fun for summer trips.

Don Bullis of Rio Rancho has just published the “Old West Trivia Book” by Rio Grande Books in Los Ranchos. The first edition of the book sold over 10,000 copies. The new edition was completely revised and updated when it was moved to Rio Grande Books by the author. The book profiles the Old West with interesting and funny facts about the people who made the West wild. People like: Molly Brown, General Custer, Geronimo, movie stars, politicians, and many others are covered. Over one thousand interesting facts are presented in the book along with dozens of photographs.
The recipient of the 2009 Lansing B. Bloom Award from the Historical Society of New Mexico for his “New Mexico: A Biographical Dictionary Volume I & II,” Bullis has been a newspaper editor, lawman, state lobbyist, and now a historian. Bullis has also twice won the New Mexico Book Award and his “New Mexico & Politicians of the Past” was awarded a 2009 New Mexico Statehood grant.
The book is 228 pages with historical photos throughout. It sells for $17.95.
Rio Grande Books can be contacted at 505/344-9382.
Books are available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor and directly from the publisher.

What became of Bat Masterson?
He became a sportswriter at the New York City Morning Telegraph.
What federal bureaucracy was created under President James Monroe in 1824?
The Bureau of Indian Affairs.
How many states did the Santa Fe Trail traverse when it opened in 1821?
One - Missouri. The others were not states.
Where was Calamity Jane buried?
Legend has it she was at the card table with Wild Bill Hickok when he was shot in 1876. She is buried next to him in Deadwood, South Dakota, upon her death in 1903.

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