Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Those of you who follow my regular newsletter know that recently I became infatuated with the power of the law of attraction and the book and CD (I prefer the CD)called 'The Secret'. I'm not on Rhonda Byrne's payroll but I should be. ( - :

I keep relating the age - old principles of the law of attraction to my own life, my own career and it's working so well I want to share its power with my writing friends. But then that's my M.O. That sharing business. If I could have a daily dose of power - of - the - universe coaching, I'd sure get it.

Did I say that? Well I can and so can you. It can come right to your e - mail box and, yes, you know me. It's more frugal than those high - priced weekends, etc.

It's from my friend, Elizabeth Grant, “The Quantum Coach.” It’s called Quantum Power Sessions . It's an innovative tool to help you awaken to your inner happiness and even propel your writing career. Her plan is simple. You spend a few minutes every single weekday morning with one of the most effective mentors in North America (that's Elizabeth) and she keeps you on track. That's essential when you're first learning a new way to think and to be.

Copy this URL and paste it into your browser window to watch a 1 - minute video and listen to a sample:

Elizabeth’s story of personal transformation is remarkable. A talented executive by her mid - 20s, she felt unfulfilled and out of sync, and spent most of the next 15 years in a state of major depression and anxiety, at times unable to even hold a job.

Then, she experienced a spiritual awakening, and realized that she didn’t have to suffer; that her outer life was just a reflection of the inner her – not the other way around! She discovered the power of living in the now, and she stumbled upon a way of life she now calls Quantum Living– living in harmony with the universe, and developing the thoughts, mindset, habits and consciousness to help you tap into your own inner happiness and create unlimited prosperity in your life. It was only later that she learned there was something called the Law of Attraction, and that this was the reason her life had become so effortless.

Elizabeth has now emerged as one of the most effective spiritual mentors and Law of Attraction teachers in the world.

A few months ago, she wondered, “If I could spend just five minutes every day with everyone who was seeking inner happiness and outer abundance, imagine the shifts they could make in just a few months! And what if I could make this affordable for virtually anyone seeking this kind of help?”

And so she came up with Quantum Power Sessions. Here’s what they’re about:

Each weekday morning, you’ll receive a powerful five - minute mp3 in your inbox personally created by Elizabeth. It will be filled with the highest quality mentoring available, helping you to permanently integrate key concept into your life, such as:

The Law of Attraction
The Power of Now
Wealth Consciousness
The Art of Allowing
The Power of Thought
… and more!

Elizabeth has completely transformed her own life, which is why she understands what you’re going through. She cuts through the fluff and presents complicated concepts like Wealth Consciousness in a simple, easy - to - understand manner. And each day, she’ll give you a simple action you can integrate into your day!

Gradually, you’ll be able to experience the huge shifts you hear others experience. And these powerful sessions cost only about $5 a week! In addition, Elizabeth will help you reinforce what you’ve learned through a FREE monthly group coaching call!

And the time is right. Many are so enthused they're offering free bonus gifts when you decide to help yourself. So if Quantum Power Sessions resonates with you, you can access $8,000 in gifts from people like Marci Shimoff, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf, and me!

PS Here’s the link again for your convenience. You'll learn how to sign up and receive your gifts, too:

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Thank you for posting this, Connie. Elizabeth's service is a great one for keeping us on track for a better life.

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