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Popular Voices of the Southwest Lecture Series

Popular Voices of the Southwest Lecture Series Resurrected

ALBUQUERQUE--The University of New Mexico Press has resurrected the popular Voices of the Southwest lecture series. Beginning September 3 and continuing into October, the series will feature authors speaking on topics as diverse as evolution, immigration, medicine, archaeology, and the writing process.

The Voices of the Southwest was founded in 2003 by then UNM Associate Provost Dr. David Stuart, in conjunction with UNM Press, and has featured prominent writers such as Rudolfo Anaya, N. Scott Momaday, Tony Hillerman, Ursula LeGuin, and Demetria Martínez.

"I conceived of the Voices of the Southwest series to provide UNM's summer session with a world class educational and cultural event that would interest a broad spectrum of both students and off-campus citizens," says Voices founder Dr. David Stuart.

Employing UNM Press authors, the series has covered a broad range of topics-from New Mexico history and culture to world archaeology to literature and poetry-and proven a forum for the public to mingle with recognized authors and learn about a specific subject.

"We teamed up with UNM Press to present the series because no other division of UNM had given such a wide voice to Southwest culture,"
explains Stuart.

Another campus resource, KUNM radio, broadcast the series and will do so again this year at 89.9FM and online at www.kunm.org.

"KUNM gives speakers a live voice, substantially adding to the series' legend and appeal," says Stuart.

The series format entails an hour-long talk, followed by a question-and-answer period and a book signing. This year's line-up

* Santa Fe anthropologist Dr. Anne Weaver discussing evolution.
Her award-winning children's book THE VOYAGE OF THE BEETLE explains the fascinating concepts of evolution through the voice of a beetle accompanying Darwin on his voyages

* Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Quinones examining stories of
Mexican migration that inspired his book ANTONIO'S GUN AND DELFINO'S DREAM, which was the focus of "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" and other national media

* UNM Health Sciences Center administrator and professor Dr. David
Sklar talking about emergency medicine in rural Mexico-the subject of his memoir, LA CLINICA

* Renowned Harvard historian of religion and Mesoamericanist Dr.
Davíd Carrasco addressing the significant rediscovery of an ancient Mexican codex that explains important aspects of post-conquest native society documented in the book CAVE, CITY, AND EAGLE'S NEST

* Dr. David Stuart, UNM Professor and Associate Provost Emeritus
and Voices creator, shares the results of writing from personal experience, as he has done with his experiences as an anthropologist in Latin America in his books FLIGHT OF SOULS, THE ECUADOR EFFECT, ZONE OF TOLERANCE, and THE GUAYMAS CHRONICLES

Lectures begin at 7 p.m. at the Bank of America Auditorium at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 4th St SW, Albuquerque. The auditorium will open at 6 p.m. for a UNM Press exhibit and book sales.

Voices of the Southwest Schedule

* Sept. 3: Anne Weaver, teaching evolution to children
* Sept. 10: Sam Quinones, immigration and the US-Mexico border

* Sept. 17: David Sklar, emergency medicine in the developing
* Sept. 24: Davíd Carrasco, religion and archaeology in Mexico
* Oct. 1: David Stuart, writing from personal experience

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