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New Mexico Book CoOp News

NM BOOK CO-OP NEWS -- May 27, 2008

The Early Deadline for entries in the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards is fast approaching and we have already received over 100 entries. The early deadline is May 31, 2008 for entries; the entry fee for early submissions is $30 per title per category. There are some 35 categories for the book awards. The complete list of categories and the application information can be found at http://nmbookaward.com. After May 31, the entry fee will increase to $40. In addition to the regular entry categories, Borders stores in New Mexico are sponsoring The People’s Choice Awards. Interested readers can place ballots in designated boxes in any of the Borders New Mexico stores for their favorite books ever written about New Mexico or by a New Mexico author or publisher. For a complete list of this year’s underwriters and sponsors go to http://nmbookcoop.com/page5/page11/page11.html

This is a great opportunity to sell your books (and keep all the money) to a growing community of readers. Plus, it is an absolutely fantastic chance to network with some of the best in the business. The Chama Book Fair will be Saturday, June 7th at Cookin' Books from 10 AM to 3 PM. The keynote author this year is John Nichols, author of Milagro Bean Field War among other books. Application forms are available at http://nmbookcoop.com/page18/page22/page22.html

Last year, Lavender in the Village brought thousands of people to the Village of Los Ranchos. It was a two day event and because it was such a great opportunity last year for book and authors, the New Mexico Book Co-op is opening the event up to authors from the village. This year’s Lavender festival is set for July 11- 13. LPD Press and the New Mexico Book Co-op, both located in Los Ranchos, are organizing a couple of booths that will cater to local authors who want to have their books displayed for the public. The best part is you don’t have to even be there for your books to sell. All you do is sign up and you will be given info on when and where to drop off your books and then you pick up whatever has not sold on Sunday afternoon at the festival just before it closes. Join in the fun and be a part of the largest activity in the Village. We want books that appeal to kids, adults, cookbooks, histories, novels, and, of course, lavender books! If you have any questions call 344-9382. To sign up http://nmbookcoop.com/page18/page89/page89.html

Announcing a new book review site for New Mexico books -- READING NEW MEXICO
Sabra Brown Steinsiek, former book reviewer for POSH New Mexico Magazine, published author, and freelance writer, is launching a new online book review site for books by New Mexico Authors, books with a New Mexico illustrator, books with a New Mexico setting, and books from a New Mexico Publisher. Sabra expects to launch the website on September 1st and will be accepting books for review at the June meeting of the New Mexico Book Coop*. A mailing address will announced at a later time. Please contact Sabra at readingnm@comcast.net if you have questions. Sabra will not be the only reviewer… she’s building a team. If you’re interested in reviewing, please contact her at the above e-mail. You must love books and be willing to work for free!
About your review:
- Reviewers will choose which books they want to review
-Your book will receive an unbiased review
-Your review will not necessarily be positive
- any book receiving a negative review will be reviewed again by second reviewer before publication. If it receives one negative and one positive review, a third reviewer will be asked to review the book and the majority opinion will rule.
- If you have a negative review, your book will not be trashed (unlike certain newspaper reviews!)
- Reviewers will have the right to remain anonymous.
- Your review will include a link to your website, Amazon, and/or the co-op bookstore and a thumbnail picture of your book cover.
- Once reviewed, your book will remain on the review site unless you request in
writing that it be removed. Once removed, it will not be reinstated or reviewed again.
- Your book will NOT be returned. The reviewer may add it to their personal library or it will be donated to a library.

*While the New Mexico Book Co-op supports this endeavor, it is not an official Book Co-op activity.
They are not responsible for the content of the reviews.

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FAX 505/345-5129

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