Friday, August 10, 2007

LPD A Good Non Fiction Press Featuring Southwestern Topics

If you're a non-fiction writer, and you're interested in New Mexico's Culture, LPD Press in Albuquerque might be a house to pitch an idea to. Paul Rhetts and Barbe Awalt own LPD and they're good people to work with. Their web page is on this blog. and it's right in this post too.

Also if you like to read about things like Navajo Earrings or carved saints, check out LPD's line. They're a member of the Write On 4 Corners Family here at KSJE Public Radio for the Four Corners, and we're proud to have 'em.

connie Gotsch Host Write On 4 Corners, KSJE Farmington and author of the award-winning novels Snap Me a Future and A Mouthful of Shell, available

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